7 Simple Tricks/Choices to make when speaking in Public

7 Simple Tricks-Choices to make when speaking in Public

1. Dress: Look the role you are playing. I make sure I am dressed appropriately to match the opinions I am going to share

2. Get Acquainted: before I start my speech I do my best to meet as many as participants, get a few names if I can, identify certain needs, share a few jokes and compliments and then I go on to the stage

lecture behind a podium

3. Accept Current feelings: I begin by pacing my current state of mind. Rather than pretending to be amazing all the time I feel free to share my challenges which make me as humane as my listeners.

4. Goof up: I am not infallible. I make mistakes and when I do I make peace with it rather than try to excuse myself. Mistakes are normal, they happen, life has to go on

5. Dynamic: I choose facts, logic, humour, storytelling, visual aids and as many as options possible to keep my presentations dynamic. I do my best to match any situation that may arise

6. Engaging: I keep it interactive by asking questions, riddles and invite participation to engage in a two-way communication

Asking question

7. Referencing:  Has been a key strategy for me while talking to people at large. I refer names, events and all relatable ideas to make sure that most of the listeners are able to relate with me even if they are meeting me for the first time .

Feel free to voice your opinions and I would be delighted to respond.

Stay Blessed!

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5 tips to win at board meetings

5 tips to win at board meeting

As the word board meeting comes to my mind, 4 reasons stand out that make board meetings a challenging situation:

1. Usually, there will be a  ‘Give’ and ‘Take’ situation

2. Usually, there will be difference in power

3. Similarly, there will be a difference in perception

4. And, a decision has to be made

These reasons make a board meeting challenging.

So how do we approach it?

Here are the 5 TIPS I have been following to understand my position in a Board meeting:

  1. Time: In a meeting, there are things that are under my control and things that are not. I need to influence those things that are under my control and to influence that I need to time my executions accurately which comes with practice.
  2. Criticisms: Whenever a criticism comes my way I agree and I reframe. I have practiced my responses to objections and criticisms because how I respond determines my position at the board meeting.
  3. Ideas: How I share my opinions will determine the response I get. Depending on what I am sharing I choose a way to communicate that, sometimes I am direct, then at times, I am humorous.
  4. Dress: My dressing forms a part of my non-verbal communication. I need to look the role I am playing.
  5. Coaching: Learning the art and science of communication has been a life long journey and still is. The only question I ask myself: “do I want to be the best in a given situation or do I differentiate?” I choose what comes naturally to me. What would you choose?

Feel free to voice your opinions and I would be delighted to respond.

Stay Blessed!

Stay Awesome!