5 tips to win at board meetings

As the word board meeting comes to my mind, 4 reasons stand out that make board meetings a challenging situation:

1. Usually, there will be a  ‘Give’ and ‘Take’ situation

2. Usually, there will be difference in power

3. Similarly, there will be a difference in perception

4. And, a decision has to be made

These reasons make a board meeting challenging.

So how do we approach it?

Here are the 5 TIPS I have been following to understand my position in a Board meeting:

  1. Time: In a meeting, there are things that are under my control and things that are not. I need to influence those things that are under my control and to influence that I need to time my executions accurately which comes with practice.
  2. Criticisms: Whenever a criticism comes my way I agree and I reframe. I have practiced my responses to objections and criticisms because how I respond determines my position at the board meeting.
  3. Ideas: How I share my opinions will determine the response I get. Depending on what I am sharing I choose a way to communicate that, sometimes I am direct, then at times, I am humorous.
  4. Dress: My dressing forms a part of my non-verbal communication. I need to look the role I am playing.
  5. Coaching: Learning the art and science of communication has been a life long journey and still is. The only question I ask myself: “do I want to be the best in a given situation or do I differentiate?” I choose what comes naturally to me. What would you choose?

Feel free to voice your opinions and I would be delighted to respond.

Stay Blessed!

Stay Awesome!

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